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Technical solution for fan noise treatment

Technical solution for fan noise treatment

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Technical solution for fan noise treatment

     Fan equipment is relatively common in industrial production, and the power is large, the number is large, and the noise value generated is relatively large. Common fans include Roots blowers, boiler fans, centrifugal fans, primary fans and so on. The noise value generated by these fan equipment during work is above 100 decibels, which seriously exceeds the noise standard of industrial plants. In order to ensure the physical and mental health of workers, the fans need to be soundproofed and reduced. Hanks will show you the technical solutions for fan noise treatment.
1. On-site noise analysis of the fan
For the common Roots blower in the industry, the location where the noise is generated is usually the air inlet and outlet of the blower, the mechanical noise generated by the casing, motor, and components of the blower equipment, and the vibration transmission noise generated by the vibration of the equipment. Among them, the aerodynamic noise generated by the air inlet and outlet is the largest and most common noise in fan equipment. It mainly appears as rotating noise and fan vortex noise. In severe cases, the fan noise value can reach 120 decibels. The most common is 95-105 decibels.
2. Noise reduction target requirements for fan equipment
Fan equipment is mostly used in factories. The noise reduction requirement for fan equipment in industrial plant areas is that the noise in the plant is less than 85 points within 8 hours of working time. For oil fume fans or roof fans, depending on the environment in which they are used, the requirements for Class II commercial office areas are lower than 50 decibels at night and less than 60 decibels during the day, and for areas such as Class I residential hospitals and other areas, less than 45 decibels at night and 55 decibels during the day.
3. Technical solution for fan noise treatment
1. Fan mechanical noise treatment: mechanical noise can be handled by measures such as improving the lubrication between fan components, the accuracy of assembly, and replacing new parts.
2. Fan aerodynamic noise treatment:
      Use the air inlet and outlet muffler: The noise at the air inlet and outlet of the fan is generally more than 10 decibels higher than the noise at other positions, so installing a muffler at the air inlet and outlet can effectively reduce the aerodynamic noise generated by the air inlet and outlet. It can reach more than 25 decibels.
     Use fan sound insulation cover: The sound insulation cover adopts composite sound insulation board as the main body, and a single fan or all fans are enclosed to become a fan sound insulation cover or soundproof room. This method has a good noise reduction effect on the fan, but the site High standard. At the same time, soundproof rooms should be equipped with soundproof doors and windows, ventilation and heat dissipation systems, etc.
     Renovation of the fan room: Perform sound insulation transformation in the original fan room. The fan room can be transformed into a complete soundproof room, or sound insulation doors and windows, barriers, sound insulation walls, etc. can be used for noise blocking and shielding, which helps reduce costs.
     Fan duct treatment: Fan ducts can also generate noise, including internal airflow impact noise and duct vibration noise. Sound-absorbing cotton can be used for bandaging to isolate airflow impact noise, or damping sound-proof felt can be used to insulate shock caused by shock.
     Equipment shock absorption: The fan will produce part of the vibration during operation. The treatment measures include laying a floating ground on the fan base or installing a shock-absorbing foundation to reduce the sound transmission of the vibration solid structure.

     Fan noise treatment basically includes soundproof rooms, mufflers, and various sound-proof and sound-absorbing materials, etc. According to the environment and impact range of the fan equipment, various measures can be selected to reduce fan noise and solve noise pollution. For centrifugal fans, Roots fans, primary fans and mine fans, dust removal fans, boiler fans, etc. for different purposes, it has perfect noise reduction design schemes to ensure noise reduction effects.


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