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How to solve the problem of centrifugal fan impeller wear

How to solve the problem of centrifugal fan impeller wear

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How to solve the problem of centrifugal fan impeller wear

     For users of centrifugal fans, wear problems are everywhere, so the centrifugal fan will experience wear during use. There are many situations, mainly referring to the wear between the bearings, and then the wear of the impeller and the whole machine. If the wear phenomenon is serious, it will directly lead to the failure of the fan's use effect. Due to the high price of wear, we mainly start from the wear problem of the impeller in this chapter, and find several methods and techniques for users to deal with the problem of impeller wear. The fan can be used better.
     Improving the process route is a more typical method. Try to place the centrifugal fan after the dust collector, such as: the fan is placed after the humidification tower or pipeline humidification, and the drying heat source exhaust fan is placed after the dust collector. It is greatly beneficial to prevent the fan from being damaged. Wear, surface sticking or welding ceramics, the wear-resistant engineering ceramics are composited on the surface of the fan blades using high-strength, high-temperature resistant adhesives or special welding processes. This technology should focus on solving the problem of anti-dropping. Plasma surfacing, large deformation of the blade during surfacing, Moreover, repeated welding will cause cracks on the leaf surface, which is prone to accidents. Carburizing can be carried out on the surface of the blade, and the carburizing process is difficult. When actual carburizing, the position and thickness of the carburized layer should be determined by the thickness and wear of the blade and carburizing. Process decision. Thermal spraying, using plasma spraying method or oxyacetylene flame, spray ceramic or tungsten carbide or spray welding nickel base + tungsten carbide alloy. Tungsten carbide alloy on the worn surface of the blade.
     The method of reducing impeller wear also requires users to start with anti-corrosion. In many cases, the corrosion of the fan will aggravate the wear of the fan. Therefore, how to reduce the corrosion of the fan during use is also a topic that needs to be studied when the user uses the fan. To ensure the smoothness of the fan, it is not enough to start from these aspects. We all know whether the fan can maintain the longest use effect. The maintenance level of the fan in peacetime is inseparable. A perfect maintenance plan It is a must for users.


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